Coffee & cigarettes

(Somewhere in California, Tom Waits & Iggy Pop, Coffee & cigarettes de Jim Jarmush)

– T.W: “I was out there on the highway, it was… you know, there`s nothing worse than roadside surgery. You don`t have your own tools, and it’s just…it’s murder.

I performed a tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen and… I’ve been busy.”

– I.P: “Wait a minute. You’re a doctor?”

-T.W: “Yeah, I’m a doctor.. I mean, music and medicine, really. It’s really been my thing. It’s combining the two and living in that place where they overlap.

A lot of people say it shows up in the music. I don’t know. I mean, It’s..”

– I.P: “Well, ok. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah, ok. I think the organization and the whole thing..

    The humanity, I guess..”

– T.W: “Yeah”

– I.P: “The humanity of the thing. The regard.”

– T.W: “Yeah, the regard.”

– I.P: “Well, I guess it’s a big day for you then.”

– T.W: “It’s… it was a medical morning..”

– I.P: “Everybody’s all right?”

– T.W: “Everybody’s fine.”


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